For as long as I can recall I’ve wanted to climb mountains. One of my earliest memories is telling my parents that I wanted to climb Everest. For a primary school age child living in suburbia in the North West of England this I’ve discovered recently was not a normal thing children want to do. Whilst others in my class dreamed of being ballet dancers and firemen I wanted to take on the worlds highest peak.

Since then my fascination has been constant. Only waning through my teenage years when it became clear that doing something like that isn’t always achievable. Distractions came and went so my desire to meander round the world took a back seat, labelled as an impossibility, whilst I concentrated on far more attainable activities.

It was only after moving to London, where despite it’s population of over 8 million I’d never felt so alone, and having a quarter life crisis that I’d decided enough was enough. I couldn’t keep going through the motions of life, going to work, getting home eating and going to bed, only to repeat the process again and again. I couldn’t keep thinking of these amazing trips to do and places to visit and simply writing them off. So on what at the time very much felt like a whim, it certainly was perceived that way by so many people I know, I decided I was going to go to the one place in the world I’d wanted to visit since I was that tiny redhead running round the playground – Everest.

It’s been a couple of years now since I visited the region and with a never ending list of mountain trips looming, I’ve decided the time is right to start putting all my incredible journeys down in writing to share. Most of all I’ve always wished I could take so many people I know with me on my trips, so this is for them, for all the times I know you would have loved to be there and see those things, I hope this blog lets you come along with me.

Gem x