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Women in the outdoors

12 June 2018

For anyone who knows me, they’ll know I have a tendency to live up to certain redhead stereotypes​, namely my ability to get sunburnt in 0.5 seconds whilst wearing factor 50 and my slightly short temper. The latter is particularly applicable if people question where I belong. Read more…

Back On Ice

18th Feb 2018

There’s something magical about this sport. Something in the incredibly satisfying thunk of ice axes on a frozen waterfall. The rhythmic noise as you ascend, putting your entire trust in forged steel and treated rope. Read more…

Looking back at 2017

3rd Jan 2018

Way back in 2016 I responded to a post on a Facebook page asking for normal people with interesting challenges in 2017 to feature on a series of episodes for the Tough Girl Podcast. Read more…