Talking to the Tough Girl Podcast

The Tough Girl Podcast has long been one of my favourite parts of the week, an eagerly anticipated Tuesday morning treat on my commute to work. So when I was asked to be part of the podcast’s 2017 series following seven real women with adventure challenges in 2017 how could I say no.

I’m not alone on this podcast adventure for the year, joined by six other incredible women: Georgie Akin Smith, Rae Red, Rachel Wise, Laura Try, Jen Dykxhorn and Jo Jo Rogers.

So here it is. Episode one of the 7 women 7 challenges 2017 series of the Tough Girl Podcast. If you’re keen to know more about what I’ve got in store for 2017 and why I chose to get into mountaineering in the first place take a listen, I start rambling about mountains at about 51:38.

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