Bring on 2017

Everyone has come back from the Christmas break with the usual new year’s resolutions to eat better, exercise more etc etc. but for me 2017 is all about being outside, getting new qualifications and enjoying life.

I work in a pretty stressful job at times so getting outside is super important for me, being in the hills and mountains, weather it’s walking, climbing or skiing is my zen time and my time to refocus. Unsurprisingly this means my goals for the year are mountain orientated

So many people I know are doing 7 for 2017, but instead of seven I have just three:

  1. Climb the Matterhorn
  2. Climb the Eiger
  3. Get my Summer Mountain Leader qualification

None of these goals are going to be easy to accomplish, and in the case of the Matterhorn and the Eiger they will be both mental, physical and skill challenges for me. I’m hoping that by the end of the year I’ll have been able to tick them off.

I’m taking most of the year to train up for all three of these goals and I’ll be sharing my ups and downs with you on the way.

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